brain freeze

I have been working lots on my Domino project, to-ing and fro-ing about its complexity and its usefulness. Been bouncing ideas of Pedr Brown, which has been good (he didn’t think it was a useless idea, just that I was going about it from the arse end).

So I’m almost there with the core classes, and am working up a unit test to give it a twice over.

These classes will provide the model and controller for the command chains. The next step (at Pedr’s suggestion) will be creating a visualisation tool for the model: basically drawing up a non-interactive flow diagram of the command processes, so you can see their relationships to eachother.

The final step, if all goes well, will be to create an interactive visualisation tool… which will be the biggy.

My main headache has been trying to hook it up to the StateMachine utility, because of its Synchronous nature. But lets tackle that problem when we get there, mmm?

here’s to it :)

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