ReferenceError: FLBridge is not defined

Recently this happened to my Flash CS3 Professional:
On start up I get error messages that won’t go away. They’ll always say “At line 1 of file “FLBridge_init.jsfl”: ReferenceError: FLBridge is not defined”, and whenever I try to exit the pop-up message, another one takes its place.

I’d have to do some acrobatic mouse work to actually quit Flash. Note that this isn’t a crash, Flash seems to be working perfectly, just with consistent and irritating alerts.

Re-installation didn’t help, and I found only three reference on web (one in Chinese) with no answers, Adobe support was also no help.

However, in an inspired moment, I thought I’d change my user profile (using Vista Home). Yup, that worked. So, still no idea about cause, but at least I’ve got Flash Back.