continuous improvement

Well, I’ve just completed another project – a flex RIA for the BBC. A month ago, I would have been proud of it… but in writing it, as always I’ve learned more, and just want to rewrite it all again.

to be more precise I found this article

Deep nesting of containers slows down ui creation. Careful planning of view components can eliminate these. Also, I would probablely create modules for my main view elements, and load them in with their own Mediators (i’m using multicore pureMVC).

pan and zoom

well, I thought i’d spend some time rewriting some of my old as2 components in flex, and here are the results of the first.

I had attempted to do this about six months ago, but got terribly stuck. this time it took hardly any time at all, as I used my new found knowledge of BitmapData and Matrix transformations (a nod to plugin media for the intensive course:~).

the binding goes both ways, drag the main view or the dingo.

[kml_flashembed movie=”swf/pan_and_zoom.swf” height=”300″ width=”480″ /]