Back again

Hopefully thats the end of it, tightened up my security as much as possible.
Will have to upload all my assets again in a while. I’m in quarantine at the moment my SPs changed my ftp password, and I don’t know what it is yet. Too depressed to ask.

All Clear

Well, I seem to be all clear of reinfection, and have changed my ftp password.

Let it be known that you should keep your passwords in your head, and not save them. I believe my password was hacked through a security breach in Filezilla, as I saved my profile in the site manager.

If anybody does get a virus/mal-ware alert visiting this site, please tell me.



I’m still having problems with html/framer, an keep on being reinfected from some where. If anyone knows how to get rid of this, I would be grateful. So I have reinstalled a clean version word press, and a few images, but I have not uploaded any of my swf content. I’m going to see if that makes any difference. Apologies again.

Google Ranking

Mmmm I have just been looking at my ranking for some Google searches.

I have come to the conclusion, that for an ActionScript Developer working in Brighton with both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 in Flash, Flex and Air, I don’t mention the fact enough.

I mean, if you put “Brighton Flash Developer”, “Brighton Flex Developer”, “Brighton Air Developer”, I just don’t show at all! Even “Brighton AS3 Developer” gets Nada.

So, I guess I need to be a little more proactive in my choice of words….