Or how I managed to stop worrying and reconcile two creative disciplines – coding and performing…

One of my favourite performance exercises is called Yippee. It is very simple with a myriad of ways to subvert it and take the class in different directions. It encapsulates pretty much every performance skill needed, and is a good indicator of a group’s competency and complicity. Because of all these things I often use it to start a workshop.
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pureMVC assetLoader utility (4)

I have done some more twiddling. Mainly I realised that I needed a finer grained status than isLoaded, so I removed it and substituted a status property, whose values are enumerated in org.puremvc.as3.utilities.assetLoader.etypes.AssetInfoStatus:

  • LOADED_COMPLETE: the asset has loaded and is ready for retrieval
  • QUEUED: the asset is queued, but yet to start loading
  • LOADING: the asset is currently loading
  • ERROR: the asset failed to load, details will have been sent via the LoaderErrorEvent
  • READY: the asset has been called through the getAsset() method, has not previously been loaded and is ready to be added to the queue
  • NON_EXISTENT: the asset does not yet exist
  • I have also fixed a hole in the getAsset method logic, where it was only looking in the assetMap, not the loadQueue, or the currently loading item.
    [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.revisual.co.uk/swf/assetloader_v3.swf” height=”500″ width=”470″ /]
    To retrieve an asset:

    // create assetInfo
    var assetInfo:IAssetInfo;
    assetInfo= assetLoader.getAsset("filePath/myImage.jpg");
    // test to see if it has already been loaded and stored
    if(assetInfo.status != AssetInfoStatus.READY)
        trace("this asset has already been loaded");
        // retrieve and type asset;
        var myBMP:Bitmap = Bitmap( assetInfo.getAsset() );
        // add the id of the client that should 
        // handle the loading of the asset
        assetInfo.clientType = ClientTypes.LOADER_CLIENT;
        // add a LoaderContext or SoundLoaderContext if needed
        assetInfo.context = new LoaderContext();
        // add any listeners required
        // add the assetInfo to the load que

    the bakelites

    I’ve also finally got round to creating a blog for the band wot i’m in: the bakelites (I play double bass).

    if anyone is interested in a bit of burlesque twenties jazz we have a gig coming up in brighton at the komedia:

    Thursday 14th June 2007
    Komedia, Gardner Street , North Laine , Brighton , East Sussex
    Upstairs: 8.30pm, £8/£6 conc.