FSM Visualisation 2

UPDATE: removed this demo due to it getting infected. Will upload a newer version once I have time to work on something

I have added some more functionality to the FSMViualisation.

Just a few notes:

1) I haven’t been able to add labels to the actions (arrows) yet (well, not prettily anyhow).

2) I have used the BundledEdgeRouter which makes those nice arrows. The problem with this is that any arrow that connects the same two nodes will lie on the same line.

3) at the moment, to update the diagram, I am having to edit my VOs, parse them into a Flare Data object, then construct a new Visualisation with it. It seems a bit expensive (not that affects the speed at all).

4) you can add States into a package. This does not affect any of the code that will eventually be exported, but does allow you to group the state together, and makes the diagram look far more appealing.

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