FSM Visualisation

OK, have put together the first visualisation for a pureMVC StateMachine Utility markup tool.

The purposes of this tool are:
1) to make a state diagram for easier visualisation of the flow of your application
2) to create the FSMInjector class for your application, along with all the necessary constants, and the XML declaration.

I’m using the flare framework and what you see is really just a development from the Dependency Graph.

The visualisation data is stored as a text file in JSON, along with all the metadata associated with each node and edge. This will be the file format for saving and retrieving work. There will also eventually be an export routine that will convert this format into the FSMInjector.

At the moment we just have the ability to visualise, not to edit. The next pieces of functionality I will be working on will be:
1) adding states.
2) deleting states.
3) adding edges (actions).
4) deleting edges.

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.revisual.co.uk/uploads/2009/may/fsm/demo1/demo1.swf” height=”400″ width=”470″ /]

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