FSMViz Version 0.4

FSMViz for pureMVC StateMachine Utility

FSMViz for pureMVC StateMachine Utility

source code here:

Added the decode to AS3.

OK, so next I’m going to rip this all down and re-architecture it.

  • create a shell and a deployment agnostic module
  • split up the encoding/decoding and parsing of the data from the data editing
  • take all the manipulation of the visualisation from the view so that the view just fires notifications
  • make the visualisation into a module so that it can be changed easily
  • add preference data so that properties can be changed easily
  • oh, and implement an FSM :)
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    1. Hi

      Do you by any chance know how to auto generate the json data for the dependency graph? I was thinking of graphing the relationships between classes in a Flex project were working on, even a litttle pointer in the right direction would be appreciated. Love what you did with the Flare kit by the way.


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