status ex machina part deux

My last talk at Flash Brighton was (for me) a discussion about how other people used state machines in as3, basically because I was dissatisfied with the limited way that I was using mine.

It turned out they used theirs in pretty much the same way. As a backbone for simple staged processes such as bootstrapping, asset acquisition and shutdown.

And that was it.

I was a bit frustrated, my original intent for using a state machine was to completely model my controller, so I would have a map of processes through out the entire application. But I kept on hitting the same problems preventing me from doing this.

Coming out of the talk, I decided that I would set myself a challenge: to change the way I used my state machine, and map all my commands through it.

I succeeded (eventually).

In this session I shall highlight the problems involved and the very simple changes of perspective it took to overcome them.

8th June
7.30 pm
the skiff

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