Google Ranking

Mmmm I have just been looking at my ranking for some Google searches.

I have come to the conclusion, that for an ActionScript Developer working in Brighton with both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 in Flash, Flex and Air, I don’t mention the fact enough.

I mean, if you put “Brighton Flash Developer”, “Brighton Flex Developer”, “Brighton Air Developer”, I just don’t show at all! Even “Brighton AS3 Developer” gets Nada.

So, I guess I need to be a little more proactive in my choice of words….

Brighton Freelance Flash/Flex Developers

In the spirit of community, I am posting a list of AS3 developers whom I would personally recommend, should I (obviously top of this list) not be available.

These are top guys, contact them now!

Neil Manuell (revision)
Matt Pearson (zenbullets)
Matt Sayers (soplausable)
Owen Bennett (steamboy)
Rich Willis (rich text format)
Nikos Chagialas (devGallery)
Nick Kuh (nick kuh)
Pedr Brown

These guys are all members of the award nominated social network of FlashBrighton

pureMVC assetLoader utility (2)

Been thinking a lot about the architecture of this. Currently the AssetLoaderProxy’s clients (ie the classes that actually do the loading of the different types of data) are Commands that are triggered by Notifications given by the AssetLoaderProxy. But I think this is a case “its pureMVC, let’s use Notifications”. The same effect could be achieved by an abstract client class and a client factory, without the overhead of sending a Notification, and it would make adding new clients far easier.

I’ve also created a client for loading Flex Modules, and added functionality to extract class instances from loaded SWFs.

I’m aiming for the end of July for my first alpha release of the AssetLoaderProxy and the LogProxy :-/ Hopefully I will have time, as it can be combined with my next job, which is a multimedia presentation tool to be implemented in pureMVC Flex and Air – YEY!

mmm… I guess I need to look at a FileStream client too. Best put that on the list.

Thinking some more, lets do away with a factory altogether. We can register the clients directly, they can be added and removed at run time.