ReferenceError: FLBridge is not defined

Recently this happened to my Flash CS3 Professional:
On start up I get error messages that won’t go away. They’ll always say “At line 1 of file “FLBridge_init.jsfl”: ReferenceError: FLBridge is not defined”, and whenever I try to exit the pop-up message, another one takes its place.

I’d have to do some acrobatic mouse work to actually quit Flash. Note that this isn’t a crash, Flash seems to be working perfectly, just with consistent and irritating alerts.

Re-installation didn’t help, and I found only three reference on web (one in Chinese) with no answers, Adobe support was also no help.

However, in an inspired moment, I thought I’d change my user profile (using Vista Home). Yup, that worked. So, still no idea about cause, but at least I’ve got Flash Back.

Google Ranking

Mmmm I have just been looking at my ranking for some Google searches.

I have come to the conclusion, that for an ActionScript Developer working in Brighton with both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 in Flash, Flex and Air, I don’t mention the fact enough.

I mean, if you put “Brighton Flash Developer”, “Brighton Flex Developer”, “Brighton Air Developer”, I just don’t show at all! Even “Brighton AS3 Developer” gets Nada.

So, I guess I need to be a little more proactive in my choice of words….

Brighton Freelance Flash/Flex Developers

In the spirit of community, I am posting a list of AS3 developers whom I would personally recommend, should I (obviously top of this list) not be available.

These are top guys, contact them now!

Neil Manuell (revision)
Matt Pearson (zenbullets)
Matt Sayers (soplausable)
Owen Bennett (steamboy)
Rich Willis (rich text format)
Nikos Chagialas (devGallery)
Nick Kuh (nick kuh)
Pedr Brown

These guys are all members of the award nominated social network of FlashBrighton

Flash Back

After a year of working almost exclusively in ActionScript 3 and Flex, a client requested that I update the website I created for him when ActionScript 2 first came out.

I spent a whole day of absolute frustration.

I tried going back to SEPY as my editor, but it just made all my beautiful code look hard, cold and ugly – it hurt my eyes after a few minutes – I just couldn’t continue. The look and feel of working with flex just makes my insides all warm and cosy – I needed that feeling!

So I opened up Flash and yes, my code again had that nice crisp softness it needed. But every time I tried to type a variable, Flash would substitute a Class at random, unless I clicked my mouse first.

Then it expected me to type out all the imports myself (the cheek)!; and no matter how much I control clicked my class/property/methods, Flash refused to hot-link me through to their declarations. So I had to tediously navigate my own way through my .as files and the code within them.

I’ve used Flash daily for eight years – now it is completely foreign to me. Its like meeting an old girlfriend and wondering how in your right mind you ever fancied her, let alone stay with her for all that time. I never realised how much I have become attached to Flex, until now.

Now we come to the real issue. I spent that whole day trying to figure out why I was getting a type coercion error on a class that obviously and categorically implemented the correct interface. Only it turns out that in ActionScript 2 a class doesn’t inherit its super’s interface, you have to re-implement it on the subclass. Now that might have been a piece of knowledge that I took for granted a year ago, but now… for godsake why?

What other nightmares were going to assail me when I try to do something a teeny weeny bit complicated? I decided that it was probably quicker to rewrite the whole app from scratch using ActionScript 3 in Flex – and honest to god, it will do too.