3 thoughts on “UnifiedLoader Tutorials

  1. Hello,

    thx for providing this utility.
    I have tried it and I had no problem to enqueue and listen ( progress / complete) on assets located on internet but the loading of the assets on my local HD doesnt triger the onComplete call back.
    Any idea how to solve that?



  2. problem solved:

    I added

    if ( event.bytesLoaded == event.bytesTotal) loadRequestCompleteHandler( request );

    at the end of the private function loadRequestProgressHandler(event:ProgressEvent):void in UnifiedLoader.as

    again, thx!

  3. no, thank you.

    I’m a little confused as to why this should happen, as I’ve been loading assets off my HD with no problem…

    if I ever get any spare time I shall look into it

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