why i’m going to try harder

Recently I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and underfulfilled in my work.

There is just TOO much to learn: the geek front-line is running away with itself, and I am feeling a little bit too old ever to catch up.

I’m a totally self-taught coder, and I think because of this I tend to work in a semi-self-imposed sandbox. I mean that I tend to work on projects that need one developer to be everything. That might have been possible in the good ‘ol days pre-flex, but now clients expect applications where once they were expecting websites… like I said I’m feeling overwhelmed.

And underfulfilled?

Those who know me a little know that I’ve been a performer for 20 years, devising collaborative ensemble pieces that have tour internationally, mainly with the fantastic Periplum.

The unspoken rule in Periplum is that every member, cast or crew, is there to make everybody else look good. Each has their own area of expertise, being vocal, physical, pyrotechnic, sound, organisation. There are no stars. There is only the best show we can create, and each show responds to the venue. Everybody helps create the final show, that includes the 20 or so volunteers that it is my job to train up.

So why don’t I create code like that?

Well recently I have touched on this, just tiny collaborations facilitated through github. Then through a conversation between @DavidArno and @stray_and_ruby and myself on twitter, a geek conference was mooted. With in two days @stray_and_ruby had polled tweeters, came up with a name, organised the venue, created the try{harder} website, and blogged about it. Within the week the conference was half full of some REALLY talented people.

That is impressive.

I’m going to try{harder}, are you?

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